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It is important we all Keep Moving

You don’t need any special equipment, moving your body is just as beneficial.

The following guidance gives advice for general activity and movement for people with all health conditions, including a variety of exercises that you can perform at home. By doing strengthening activities we can slow the natural decline in muscle mass and bone density, and maintain independence and strength.

What is Get Active, Feel Good?

Get Active, Feel Good (GAFG) is a programme available in Shropshire and Mid Wales supporting individuals with cancer to become more physically active. Being more active can help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, stress and anxiety. there is strong evidence that being physically active is safe, effective and beneficial for cancer patients either before, during or after treatments.

GAFG can support you in starting regular, sustainable physical activity. The Get Active, Feel Good advisor ( A specialist in cancer/physical activity) will help you to plan safe and effective exercise that suits your lifestyle and help with ongoing support in order to help you to achieve your goals.

How can I get involved/be referred?

To be referred to the programme you will need a referral form filled in by your clinician, so anyone that has access to your medical notes e.g Nurse, GP, Physiotherapist. Your clinician will have copies of the form or you can download one below.

An initial one to one consultation with the Get Active, Feel Good Advisor will be arranged where you will discuss and plan your physical activity options. Appointments are currently being held at the Princess Royal Hospital on a Tuesday and the Hamar Centre at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on a Wednesday. To book your appointment please click below for contact information.

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Important Notice

Lifestyle Exercise Centre will not reopen.

However, Lifestyle Physiotherapy is still available.

With a great deal of sadness, we have to inform you that we are not going to be able to open the exercise centre again. The very long closure has meant that we are no longer able to sustain the exercise centre and we will leave the current location. This is very difficult for all of us that have been associated with Lifestyle and the Radbrook community since 1988. We hope that there will be other opportunities in the future that we will be able to let you know about, when the Covid-19 pandemic is finally over. Thank you to all that have been a part of Lifestyle Exercise.


If you wish to arrange a private appointment,
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Access to NHS Physiotherapy through Lifestyle, remains available. (please contact your surgery to arrange appointments, where applicable).

“Get Active Feel Good” and “iCan”
Physical activity Cancer support continues to be available
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