The Department of Health has worked with “Lifestyle Connect” on a significant Public Health project which aimed to take forward regional and local work on learning disability and obesity.  The aim of the project was to tackle the health inequalities related to weight management in people who have learning difficulties and make significant improvements to the quality of life and outcomes for the one person in three with a learning disability who are obese.  Better support and services could be provided for these individuals and the project set out to raise the profile of the needs of this population regarding weight management services; to support commissioning and prioritisation and provide clear standards for local delivery; services and commissioning processes.  The project also aimed to empower people with learning disabilities, their carers’ and family members to make healthy choices the norm no matter what their circumstances.

Without exception all objectives were met and the project was delivered to the highest standards and on time.  The work “Lifestyle Connect” undertook has helped raise the profile of a major Public Health and health inequalities challenge and has supported local areas in prioritising obesity in the context of people with learning disabilities.   “Lifestyle Connect” demonstrated up to date and in depth knowledge of national and local health systems and policy; developed excellent engagement and networking strategies and produced bespoke products and resources in support of local delivery and effective implementation.

“Lifestyle Connect” provided us with a high quality and professional service which was tailored to the needs of our organisation as well as to local needs. They succeeded in delivering some complex project outcomes relevant to the diverse range of needs in the Department of Health and local health, social care and voluntary sectors. Their approach allowed a range of stakeholders and citizens to interact with the work and all those involved learnt new skills and gained insight, knowledge and understanding.  The resources produced are still relevant today and continue to be adopted for local use.

Karen Saunders
Senior Public Health Manager
Department of Health